Can Technology Improve Lives and Make the World a Better Place?

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Can Technology Improve Lives and Make the World a Better Place:

Do you remember when mobile technology was a new frontier, and we all believed it could improve our lives? Apps have enabled us to do everything from ordering chocolate milkshakes to checking our heart rate, all in the name of luxury.

That seems a bit awesome, considering that the technical issues that dominate the news topics today are all about metaverse, privacy, and data tracking. But what about sensible technology designed to help improve people’s lives? Many companies use mobile technology to help people make positive changes from reducing carbon emissions to healthy eating.


Enter HiRoad, a car insurance company that uses telematics technology to reward Arizonans for making good road decisions. Simply put, they re-established traditional car insurance to recognize and reward people for their good deeds that drive the wheel. Mindful Technology as a Force for Good.

Insurance world:

The car insurance world was ready for change. For decades the program has maintained a neutral position, assisting drivers in crash cases rather than rewarding them with good driving habits. HiRoad asked, “Why not investigate the text and reward people for making the best driving decisions every day? Could it lead to fewer accidents — and safer communities — in the first place?”

HiRoad is a different type of insurance company. It is based on ethics, which means they value the decision-making skills of their drivers. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If you are a careful driver in the Phoenix area that is not very fast, follow other cars very closely, send text and drive or eat sushi with sticks on the road, and often make it safer for other Arizona drivers.

Shouldn’t you be rewarded for your actions behind the wheel?


HiRoad uses some form of mobile technology to reward its drivers. It is called telematics. HiRoad uses the mobile technology of your phone to measure your driving. Just as your phone calculates your steps — so you can relax at dinner — or record your heart rate during exercise, telematics allows your phone to keep learning about your driving habits.

HiRoad then uses those numbers to provide you with a set of four driving scores in its mobile app. It works a bit like a video game; it only pays you to get high scores. If you drive safely, stop and start smoothly, do not take corners immediately, and operate without interruption, your driving points will increase. When your grades are high, you can save a lot every month. Good drivers can save up to 50% on their insurance debt every month.

HiRoad uses telematics to reward good driving, not to profit in other ways. The company does not sell your information to third parties or data agencies. H HiRoad is a Mission.

Let’s face it:

– no one thinks about car insurance. You buy it, and it sits there, like an old jersey in a cupboard you still thank but don’t think about it for years. HiRoad is trying to change that. HiRoad wants you to be happy with that jersey, and even though it is boiling in Arizona, you can wear it for days. Insurance uses a mobile app to reward you for your good driving habits. It is also the only insurance policy where the average driver saves about 30% of their monthly insurance policy. *

If you are a careful driver in Arizona who believes in creating gentle roads, friendly communities, and monthly insurance costs, visit HiRoad to get a discount and get started.

* Based on average monthly discounted rates on Rhode Island between 10/1/12020 and 9/30/2021, decided to drive user scores on entry points using the HiRoad app.

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