How to Keep Your Skin Moisturized During Cold Weather

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How to Keep Your Skin Moisturized in Cold Weather:

As winter approaches, scarves, hats, warm coats, and mittens are removed from storage and winter boots begin to cover the front door instead of flip flops and running shoes. How to keep skin moist is important in any season, but especially during the winter months. Going out the door in the morning dressed to deal with the elements becomes a tedious process of covering and protecting every inch of exposed skin in cold winter winds and cold winds.

However, sometimes, no matter how careful you are to cover your skin in the cold, dry, winter air, you may find your skin feels itchy, dry, and sore in winter. Just as your clothes should change seasonally, your skin care system may need to be adjusted in winter to keep it soft, supple, smooth, and hydrated as it does in cool seasons.

Many men experience excessive dry skin in winter, but this does not need to be given. With a good moisturizing program and proper skin care products, you can even go through the coldest and most dry winter months with healthy, nourished, soft skin. To help you make this winter your skin firmer and more attractive, moisturizing, talk to Dr. Rebecca Biala’s, MD, MPH, Co-Founder of CLARA Dermatology. Complete with all the best winter skin care tips for men to help keep your skin moist during cold weather.

Why Does Skin Dry in Winter?

Dry winter skin is more than just skin on your face, body, and hands. Drs. Bialas says many men also suffer from cleft lip and palate (borrheic dermatitis) in winter. “In winter, cold air and heat inside both reduce humidity, so our skin tends to dry out quickly,” he explains.

Preventing Winter Dry Skin:

Drs. Bialas says his top recommendation for men to avoid dry skin in the winter is not to overdo the bath with soap. “How often do we have to bathe in a debate in the most popular media lately, but we know that many showers – often several times a day, taking long baths, or using very hot water – are lines. Protective skin and water,” he explained.

“In addition, applying soap to the body removes fat and leads to dryness and dryness.”
Instead, Drs. Bialas advises patients to use soap in “smelly” areas (armpits, buttocks, and back) but to avoid soaps on their arms, legs, and body as long as there is no contamination or contamination. In addition, instead of using hot water, warm water will better retain your skin’s natural moisture while working well enough to cleanse your skin.

In addition to improving your skin care system and winter skin protection products, consider eating healthy fatty foods, such as coconut, avocado, and nuts, which can help the skin retain a strong barrier to moisture.

Winter face skin care tips:

Dr. Bialas states that while it is important to wash your face daily, most people do not need to wash their face in the morning and at night. “If you do not have a lot of oil and acne, you can only wash your face at night. I recommend a soft acid cleanser for the face, which will help remove dead skin cells and any dry, thin layer that may be present, ”he explained. “I like glycolic acid watches because they are usually soft enough to be used every day.” This should be followed by a moisturizer, which will take off quickly and effectively after washing with a glycolic acid cleanser.

Winter skin care tips:

Men often ignore the lips when it comes to caring for their skin. However, it is very important to moisturize your lips and provide extra protection to prevent dryness and cracking in winter because the skin on the lips is very fragile. “I like old Vaseline or Aquaphor applied every night before bed (at least!) To keep my lips moist,” said Dr. Bialas. “It also helps to keep something moist in the room while you sleep.” Using a humidifier is a great way to add extra moisture to the air and doing so benefits both your lips and skin.

Best Winter Skin Men’s Products:

In your winter skin care plan, you should look for skincare products that contain ingredients called ceramides, which are lipids (oils) that the skin naturally produces. These compounds support the body’s immune system by helping to bind individual skin cells, making the skin better equipped to retain its natural moisture content.
An anti-dandruff shampoo is important in rejuvenating your scalp in the winter. “The head and shoulders are worn out and can be used daily, or at least 3 times a week to preserve flakes,” advises Dr. Bialas.

(Resur) Face Glycolic Acid Cleanser
Glycolic acid cleanser is good for the face. “(Resur) Face Glycolic Acid Cleanser contains 10% of the concentration plus moisturizers used daily without drying the skin.”

Aveeno Eczema Therapy:

Physically, you want to use something that absorbs quickly but still moisturizes the skin. Drs. Bialas recommends Aveeno Eczema Therapy because it is simple but invigorating.
O’Keeffe Working Hands

Her hands-on selection is O’Keeffe’s Working Hands, which notes, “It comes in a green bath and wax, which means it doesn’t leave hands oily or slippery. But one works!

Ingredients to Avoid in Winter Skin Care Products:

Drs. Bialas warns against overeating retinol and winter acids. “A little bit is good (like washing out glycolic acid), but a lot can be more if the skin is already dry than usual,” he explains. “Retinols, or vitamin A-based creams that are effective in counteracting the effects of acne, can cause some people to become thirsty. Sometimes, my patients have to reduce their frequency of using retinol in the winter, to compensate for more dry air. “He adds that with retinol, consistency is very important

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