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iQOO 9 Pro 5G

iQOO 9 Pro 5G Phone Feature ,specification & price Know Here :-

iQOO 9 Pro 5G (Legend, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage) 

Model NameIQOO 9 Pro 5G
Network Service ProviderUnlocked for All Carriers
Form factorBar
Memory Storage Capacity256 GB

iQOO 9 Pro 5G Snapdragon️ 8 Gen 1 Mobile Processor which uses the latest 4nm process technology & has a maximum increase of 20% in CPU performance, a maximum increase of 30% in GPU performance (Compared with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G Mobile Platform).

iQOO 9 Pro 5G 120W Flash Charge which can charge 50% battery in just 8 minutes and 100% battery in just 20 minutes. Also, 50W Wireless Flash Charge using vertical charger which provides convenience and universality.

50MP GN5 Gimbal Camera which is equipped with GN5’s all-directional autofocus technology Dual Pixel Pro greatly improves the autofocus performance, Gimbal increases the exposure time to capture breathtaking Motion and Night picture, 50MP 150° Fisheye Wide Angle, 16MP Telephoto/Portrait Camera & much more.

iQOO 9 Pro 5G 3D Ultrasonic Large Fingerprint Sensor which will help users in Unlocking without light: Better user experience at night, High security: 3D information recognized by ultrasonic fingerprint scanning & All-scenario: unlocking interfered by strong outdoor light.

Intelligent Display Chip which increases the frame rate and optimize colors so that every player can enjoy high FPS and rich colors at hand to be fully immersed in the gaming experience.

gsmarena 002

iQOO 9 Pro 5G Battery Life Performance

Absolutely jaw dropping design and premium feel with impeccable specs. The phone could easily the phone of the year 2022.

I was spectacle of Funtouch OS12 on Android 12 but its quite matured since i last used in 2015. I mean this phone is handling anything you throw with ease.

Full charged in 20mins(Tested)
Display is outstanding , industry leading 20:9 ratio is awesome at 2K.
Battery life itself is around a day of casual usage but 2K draws battery faster @120hz but can be used for about 6-7hrs total, which is still great.
Camera is another zone altogether where gimbal stabilization is just so cool with great details and quality.

I would seriously give iQoo 9 Pro an awesome 9.5/10 for a phone which destroys any competition in design/performance/camera too.

Things which are cons
1) Battery stand by time
2) Missing of important feature like IP 68
3) Average night mode photos/Videos (Nightography)
4) Some basic features missing like decrease ringtone volume itself automatically after picking up phone etc.
5) Average Audio level over the speakers
6) Non availability of extra Charger online
6) Low quality of accessories expert rubber silicon back cover

1) Superb Look & comfortable feel like real flagship phone
2) Not so much expensive compared with Samsung Smartphone (S,-22 Series)
3) Initial Discount offer while purchasing
4) Smart Vivo service support
5) Steardy & Solid build quality (Drop test successfully protect)
6) Rear Main Camera lenses has extra protective ring housing bump


Fingerprint  Performance &  Experience

1. iQOO 9 Pro 5G Screen of the phone is amazing, the minimum and maximum brightness is class leading. It is easily legible in direct sun light and low minimum brightness doesn’t strain the eyes in dark room. You won’t find a better display (2k resolution, dynamic 1-120hz refresh rate, 1500 nits peak brightness) phone in this price segment.

2. iQOO 9 Pro 5G The fingerprint reader of the phone has biggest reading surface area in any phone including all US and Chinese brands. The unlock speed is on-par with latest S22 series. It is a ultrasonic fingerprint reader not the optical one like all other android phone (excluding Samsung top dogs). It works with wet fingers without any issues. If you finger is very dry then it takes more time to unlock the phone.

3. iQOO 9 Pro 5G On the camera front, the main (50MP Samsung (S5K)GN5 1/1.57″) and ultrawide (50MP Samsung (S5K)JN1 1/2.76″) camera sensors are class leading. 2.5x optical and front camera usage same (16MP Samsung S5K3P9 1/3.1″) censor which is above average but not class leading. Photos from main and ultrawide are excellent. Contrast, dynamic range, saturation and noise levels of main and ultrawide cameras are flagship grade.

4. iQOO 9 Pro 5G does have an IR blaster, that means you can control your TV, Set-top box and AC using the phone. This feature might not sound very compelling at first but it is very handy specially if you are having faulty remotes with some non-working buttons.

5. iQOO 9 Pro 5G Call quality and signal reception is very good. The earpiece sound output is very loud and rich.

6. iQOO 9 Pro 5G It has stereo speakers and sound output it very good and loudness is also great. One issue I would like to point out is that, the volume is YouTude application is very low as compared to other apps. If you play YouTube videos on chrome browser then the sound output is loud. This is a software bug specific to YouTube app only and should get resolved in future updates.

7. iQOO 9 Pro 5G Build quality and in-hand feel is very premium. The glass sandwich design with curved display looks top class.

8. iQOO 9 Pro 5G Charging speed is just insane, plugin the phone and goto shower and by the time you come, it’s already 100%.

1. No official IP rating for a phone costing this much.

2. I couldn’t digest why IQOO didn’t use USB Type C standard 3.1 or higher so that we can get wired display output from the phone. The IQOO 9 Pro has USB Type C 2.0 standard with does not support wired display output.

3. Telephoto and Front camera hardware could have been better.

4. No boot loader unlock supported that means no rooting and no custom rom.

As the endnote, this phone has some cutting edge hardware which you won’t find in any Smartphone. I’m impressed with this phone and would buy it again if given the chance.

Value Of Money

This is amazing phone under 60k. Good display. And usage u won’t get any lag. Funtouch os is good but need small improvements. Camera department is awesome. Selfie camera is good. I attached one file with back camera. Battery is good. Last 1 day for an moderate user. But for heavy users need to charge again in the evening. It becomes hot while charging and it takes 25 mins for full charge.

Overall it is agood phone under 60k with all flagship features. Better than high range samsung and iPhone in value for money. If u have that much high budget can go for big phones. Build is awesome. Even if is not ip rated there are YouTube videos showing it is water resistant and tolerating water immersion.

Excellent. Best smartphone in this price
iQOO 9 Pro 5G Camera – 10/10
iQOO 9 Pro 5G Battery – 10/10
iQOO 9 Pro 5G Display -10/10
iQOO 9 Pro 5G Performance -10/10
iQOO 9 Pro 5G Value for Money – 10/10.

About Updates of iQOO 9 Pro 5G Phone

Update – March 29th:-
Got 2 software updates. One came with March security update & the other said it is to resolve overheating issue on the phone. What it did was restrict the full performance of the phone to a mid ranger level!!.. Now the Antutu score can’t even touch 7 lacs overall score and CPU is good for 1.63K!!.. Geek bench figures are like 900+ & 3100+!!.. The phone is able to perform any stress test app completely now!.. The maximum temperature is under control during stress test now (under 45 degrees).. All these benchmark performance apart, the phone is feeling sluggish n working very average in terms of speed & smoothness and this is always in 120hz mode!!..

The phone is overheating unwontedly now in regular use now!.. No difference in battery performance.. iQOO is really really poor in software optimization & experience and it shows!!.. They have just made a great performing phone a sluggish one that’s it!!.. Adding on is fingerprint sensor becoming slow over time & even accuracy is reduced!!.. Still retaining 4 stars with a hope that they will do something to resolve all of these issues with an update soon..

Update – iQOO 9 Pro 5G March 18th:-
Very happy with the phone performance overall.. Yes my phone does have screen bleeding issue under pitch dark conditions (brightness 20% n above).. Yes dual speaker loudness is Average n most of the times I have to keep the volume at near it’s max in YouTube.. But other than these, I’m really happy with the super fast Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor’s performance.. Very good screen quality under normal usage.. Got used to FunTouch OS and now I’m starting to like the iQOO UI’s feature rich n neatness.. have removed the unwanted apps easily using the adb function using my laptop..

The camera’s front n back are top notch.. the lens’ notify us to clean literally every time we shoot & therefore ensuring great pics.. very good battery life that enables a full day use easily.. the haptic motor seems decent now after setting it at the strongest level.. fingerprint sensor’s combination of accuracy + security is the best on any smartphone in the world today!.. Overall the phone convinced me to sell my Samsung Note 20 Ultra and make the iQOO 9 Pro my primary phone now.. wish I could give a 4.5/ 5 at this point but don’t want to give it a 5 due to aforementioned issues.. so will retain the score at 4 still..

Update – iQOO 9 Pro 5G March 8th:-
I got the screen tint issue fixed by doing a factory reset. I found that it’s a setting in developer options that needed to be turned off for the issue to be resolved. However still the screen lacks color calibration of a Samsung/ Apple panels still and inspite of being an E5 Amoled panel, still looks like a blue tinged 20K budget Realme Amoled screen!.. The default color settings and options don’t help in this matter unfortunately.. The lower half of the phone screen has slight screen bleeding issue to add on!!..

The phones speaker loudness is strictly average shockingly!!.. GSMArena review of iQOO 9 Pro had Very Good rating for speaker loudness but Indian model has very average speaker loudness for media playback!.. surprisingly loudness isn’t an issue for speaker calls where it is fine.. i have downloaded a Volume Booster 3rd party app to improve speaker loudness, so that is a workaround and what that also proves is the phone has the hardware to be loud but the stupid software isn’t allowing it be fully capable!..

The haptic feedback of the phone is very average and is of my parents’ Realme X7 Max/ Master Edition level!!.. The haptic feedback of our Samsung Note 20 Ultra & iPhone 12 are multiple times superior n it’s nowhere close!..

The phone has a brilliant camera that goes toe to toe with the likes of top Samsung’s & Apples.. Very happy with the cameras overall and that includes brilliant selfie snaps too.. The camera software is also very nice n better than other Android UIs..

UI n Software overall is lacking the features & finess of OneUI/ ColorOS/ MiUI.. hope that gets improved over time.. Google Chrome isn’t even working on my phone at all!!.. some app crashes noticed already..

Great network coverage/ reception & call quality so far..

Snapdragon 8Gen1 is a monster n I got a mind-boggling score of 9.75 lacs overall score in Antutu with the CPU consistently scoring over 2 lacs no matter what.. Geekbench scores very also very good at over 1100 single core n 3500+ multi core.. The processor & phone do overheat unbearably while pushed to limits.. for example the phone could not run an Antutu stress test beyond 15 mins as the temperature crosses 45 degrees with ease..

but I’m hoping iQOO push some improvements in the future (I have seen Samsung improve their highly criticised Exynos 990 processor performance by leaps n bounds over time).. Overall very happy with having the best Android processor around..

Phone has brilliant looks but the supplied back cover is very slippery n lacks grip or comfort.. so have to buy a good one..

Fingerprint sensor is just awesome with its technology n the way it works in real life.. face unlock is unsafely fast n can recognise faces when you don’t want it to also!!..

Battery life is very good and setting the phone to dark mode always as a hack for Amoled phones really helps.. Also twerking the battery settings n usage pattern/ background performance of apps goes a long way to improve battery life on present day phones and that helps here too.. very satisfied with battery life overall while standby times don’t seem great but that’s a minor gripe.. Supplied fast charger is a monster and one of the highlights of the phone! It’s an absolute treat to charge the phone so quickly.. but the phone does get warm with charge but nothing alarming or worrying anyways..

Overall improving the rating due to its overall performance..

March 6th:-
Got my phone from Amazon on 6th March & I already own a Samsung Note 20 Ultra. I saw a major difference between both screens in display!.. When I do some R&D I found out the iQOO 9 Pro display has Green & Magenta tint issue!!.. Also the Screen Test Pro app showed that the phone Screen Leak issue!!..

I have requested for a return of this phone. Guys please be aware of this issue which is a Quality Consistency issue from iQOO!.. I find that even earlier iQOO phones like 7 & 7 Legend had these issues very commonly!!.. So don’t be fooled by all the On Paper Specs & the expert reviews ok YouTube!!..

FYI my wife owns an iPhone 12 & I own Samsung Note 20 Ultra and both phones have a top notch display that showed the chalk n cheese between them and iQOO!!..

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