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Google Nest with Google Assistant

Google Assistant:- Google may have launched its latest speaker Google Nest in the Indian market. Its price in the Indian market is May 4499-6999. You can get it ordered from Flipkart. Google company has launched its 2017 May launch Google Home Mini as the Up-guarded version, although both the designs may not have much difference, yet Google’s Google Nest may have better sound quality and better experience than before.

Google’s Nest Version Nest Mini is priced at Rs 4499, you can buy it from E-commarce site flipkart in India May its Chalk and Charcoal two color is available Global Market May do this and Light Blue color May is available You can buy it in global market May it on any one of my website You can buy from or you can also buy directly from Google’s store.

According to the company, Google Nest, Google Nest Mini, produces 3 times stronger base from May 2 compared to the original Google Home Mini, custom drivers have been used in it, in this Google users will also get a new intercom feature, through which the user can make calls. Simultaneously, other smart devices like speaker display will also be able to control.

If the user moves his hand while listening to audio content, the speaker may automatically turn on the light present, so that you can do more work or more, this feature of Google is wooing Google customers. The  Google Nest Audio is a speaker with built-in Google Assistant capabilities. It’s voice-activated, and it can understand you even if you aren’t very close to the speaker. You can also mute the microphone when you don’t want the speaker listening to you, which is nice. However, it doesn’t get very loud, and like other small speakers we’ve tested, it lacks low-bass.

Like Amazon Echo Dot, Google Nest will also work in both English and Hindi language, according to the company, now it will be easier to use.

Google Home Mini or Nest Mini can also act as a basic Bluetooth speaker. One of the Google Nest features I use the most is also among the simplest.

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