Twitter Blue Tick At $11/Month & Includes More Features

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Twitter Blue Tick

Twitter Blue Tick

Twitter Blue Tick has finally relaunched its blue subscriptions and is once again offering subscribers a Twitter Blue Tick token, but this time it has come with a plan to avoid fakes, more features and higher prices.

The company announced the relaunch on Saturday, but today it launched in some limited territories such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US and the UK.

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Twitter blue tick is back with a paid

Following Elon Musk’s decision, Twitter last month launched what it calls Twitter Blue Tick, which aims to offer the previously vetted Blue badge in exchange for a monthly fee of $7.99 per month.

However, the company has suspended Twitter Blue Tick subscription signups and also stopped posting due to impersonation due to blue verification badges on profiles. Meanwhile, Elon Musk has promised an improved relaunch, which he says will happen soon.

Today, in keeping with his promise, Twitter is rolling out Blue, which allows Twitter web and iOS users to subscribe and earn a blue verification badge on their profile, along with some unique features. The price According to Twitter’s official tweet, the Twitter Blue subscription will cost $8 per month for users who want to subscribe online.

It costs $11 per month for iPhone users. Before you say, “Twitter increased the price of Twitter Blue by $3, and only for iPhone users,” let me tell you why.


We cannot say that this is actually a price hike as it is only a third party tax. Previously, Musk and Telegram CEO Pavel Durov raised the issue of Apple’s App Store commission, which Apple takes from app revenue .

And this tax or commission is around 30%, so now you will understand why Twitter charges more from iOS users than web users. So far, Twitter hasn’t mentioned anything about offering subscriptions or fees to Android users.

For one key feature, if you’re a user, creator, or artist, your profile will have a blue tick, but Twitter will review your account before it’s available.

If your account is associated with any politics or government, you will get a gray tick. And a gold cross for a business account.

Additionally, the gray and yellow tick will replace the “official” label on profiles that Twitter rolled out last month, replacing the blue verification badge. Early Access Features – Subscribers get early access to beta features like the ability to try the Edit Tweet button and 1080p video upload.

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Undo Tweet – This is different from the Edit Tweet button because it doesn’t allow you to make any edits. Instead, it gives you a limited amount of time to retract your tweet before it reaches your followers or anyone else.

Themes and custom app icons – You will be able to change the color theme of the app. There is also an option to create a custom Twitter app icon by changing the icon color.

Reader Mode – Subscribers also get a new Reader Mode that lets you resize text and make threading easier. Bookmarks – There will be private bookmark folders where subscribers can add bookmarks and organize an unlimited number of tweets.

avoid imitation After the reboot, Twitter will prevent new accounts from subscribing to the Twitter Blue plan. Account must be older than 90 days to subscribe.

In addition, Twitter will investigate an account before adding a blue tick, while the previously implemented “official” label will be reserved for all regular accounts. You can also check out the Twitter Help Center where they document every issue for more information.

All Twitter Blue features will be available immediately, with the exception of a Twitter Blue Tick that will appear on eligible profiles after a review to ensure registered accounts meet all eligibility criteria.

Until now, Twitter has used Twitter Blue Tick to indicate active, well-known and genuine public interest accounts that have been independently verified by Twitter based on certain requirements. Now, a blue tick can mean two different things: the account has been verified according to the previous verification criteria (valid and authentic), or the account has an active Twitter Blue subscription.

Learn more about the different types of Twitter verification here. We’re also piloting a new service called Twitter Verified Organizations, a service for businesses on Twitter that adds a gold tick to official business accounts. Learn more about Twitter-verified organizations here.

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