Types of horn in the train, know what they mean

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Types of horn

Whenever you have traveled in the train, you must have seen that the horn is played repeatedly in the train, sometimes even when the car is standing at the station, the horn is played, in. Train horns have different meanings and there are many different types of train horns, 6 horns are special among them.

Safety Horn

Continuous long horn sounding: If the train is continuously blowing the long horn it means that the train will not stop at the coming station, it will go straight towards its destination without stopping without slowing down, so all the passengers at the station should be removed from all the tracks. stay away it’s a warning horn.

Intermittent Horn Twice: This horn is played at a railway crossing, at its key crossing, when the people of the railway cross the two-wheeler or pedestrian crossing, when they stop and blow the horn twice, then understand that the train is very near and it will reach you in a few seconds. so get off the tracks.

Two short and one long horn: In a train, two short and long horns mean that someone has pulled the chain of the vehicle or the guard has applied the vacuum brake.

Two small horns: When the train blows two small horns, it means that the train standing on the platform is ready to run, then after a few seconds the train will start running with a small jerk, so whoever is below the train or whoever Standing by sticking to the train, he should move away.

A short horn: This horn is sounded when the driver of the train senses a danger, after this horn all passengers should be alerted.

Three small horns: This horn is pressed by the motorman, it means that there is a very emergency situation,  it means that the motor has lost control on the brake, this horn is to inform the guard sitting behind that he should vacuum brake quickly put it on.

Other horn –

A continuous horn is blown for alerting the passengers that the train is passing non-stop through many stations. 

Two Horns with 2 pause This signal is to alert the passersby that the train would be running through a railway crossing.

Two Long 1short Horn If the motorman blows these horns, it means the train is changing the tracks.

Two short  1 long horn This sound means that a passenger has pulled a chain or the guard has pulled a vacuum break.

6 times short horn It’s a trouble signal where the train is stuck in a dangerous situation.

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