Warming world is dangerous for children

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Warming: Doctors have said in an international report that the warming air, air pollution and mosquito-borne diseases have already affected the world a lot, after that the whole world is battling with Kovid-19 for 2-3 years, which has affected everyone. There has been a lot of damage to the countries both financially and physically, no one can deny the fact that the death of millions of people and all the countries are still fighting with the stock market crisis, in the meantime, the increasing heat and melting of glaciers all over the world may be very fast. It is a matter of concern that all the countries of the world will have to think about it.

Medical and researchers from all over the world, if the emission of sacrificial gases is not stopped early, then in the coming future, the sacrificed generations will have to face many physical problems ranging from water to water and the situation will become frightening, so from now on everyone should take measures. And there is a need to deal strictly by banning the emission of gases, doctors and experts believe that the child who will be born today may have many diseases in the future and may also be an emergency situation.

The number of days for the outbreak of Vibrio, a bacteria that spreads the doctors’ river, has already exceeded the number of days, 2018 in The number of people who were affected by this disease was the largest number of rivers so far Village environment May coastal areas of America 29 percent sensitive There is also a report that the infection of cholera has increased by 10 percent, if the report is to be believed, then this disease affects children more due to excessive heat.

children, old and sick people, dangerous fever, respiratory diseases and kidney problems. Be a victim of water-Air change will have more effect on children only. In many parts of the world, people are facing multiple climate-related impacts such as severe drought and flooding, air pollution and water scarcity, leaving their children vulnerable to malnutrition and disease. Almost every child on earth is exposed to at least one of these climate and environmental hazards.

Looking at the last few decades, the health of the people has improved and the age of the people has increased, people are living longer. If the water-air pollution continues like this, then it will end the long life of the people, many diseases have spread far due to the change of weather. Due to the hot air, the fever of the people is reaching 106 degrees. It is very worrying that people’s lives are being lost, I have full faith that all the countries will definitely think about it as one.

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Source :- UNICEF


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