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web series of Cyber Crime

Cyber ​​crimes are also increasing every day every night in the internet revolution era. The recently released web series Cyber ​​War on the OTT platform Voot! The script of this series focuses on cyber crime taking place in the metropolis of Mumbai.

What are cyber crimes?

Cybercrime perpetrators have misused the digital revolution, banking scams, fake accounts, fake IDs, and sending links to someone’s phone with offers like “one with one free “50 percent discount” on their phone. Hacking all the details, today it has become a cyber crime.

Cyber ​​crime has increased so much that now the police has become a cyber cell, in this series stories have been threaded on the cyber war in Mumbai. The cybercriminal sitting among many computers does his work so neatly that even the criminals dodge the police cyber cell, but this does not happen in the web series. This Cyber ​​War is directed by Ankush Bhatt and the web series has been released in episodes.

Ethical hacker and cybersecurity expert Sanaya Irani must team up with reluctant ACP Akash Malik (Mohit Malik) to solve a digital blackmail case.


Overview: Usually, when it comes to web series, it doesn’t take much to decide what’s in store for you. This is about Cyber ​​​​​​​​​​Vaar streaming on Voot Select. The story of the show is about how the city of Mumbai is overrun by cybercriminals and hackers, their traps are everywhere waiting to be activated and then sweep and steal your data. The plot gets more complicated when a police station in Mumbai becomes the center of a cyber attack.

Ethical hacker and cybersecurity expert Ananya Saini (Sanaya Irani) and her partner K (Keshav Uppal) arrive on the scene. The pair redoubled their efforts to prevent hackers from accessing police servers under orders from Police Commissioner Roy (Indraneel Bhattacharya). On the other hand, we meet ACP Akash Malik (Mohit Malik), a very laid-back guy who likes to work in the field, even to catch petty criminals who commit crimes in cyberspace.

Our two meet and Akash can’t help but remember where he knew Ananya from. They get off to a rocky start, but soon team up to try and stop a digital blackmailer from masterminding a young woman’s marriage. Our two leads are joined by Officer K, Asha (Neha Khan) and Officer Hau Sahid (Amitabh Ganekhar).


How does cyber crime start?

The first episode of the web series begins with great excitement or sensational dialogues, like in the digital world, don’t you have any secret, secret? Somebody, somewhere, is watching you sometime.

Who is this ‘someone’? These are cyber criminals who have no face.

Cyber ​​crime is exposed in the web series Cyber ​​War and the criminals of the digital world are exposed and sent behind the bars.

Suspense and action packed series

The topic of cyber crime is strong, but the story is heard, so despite the suspense, do not be surprised by cyber crime. The server of Mumbai Police is attacked and Inaya Saini, expert ethical hacker of this web series, saves from that vicious malware attack. In the scripting of cyber crime, a special team is formed in Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Cell to crack down on cyber crimes, the name of this team is TRACE i.e. Threat Response and Cyber ​​Crime!

This team consists of 5 people and leads this team, ACP Akash Malik (Mohit Malik) is the ethical hacker of the team, Ananya Saini (Sanaya Irani) All the characters have played their acting very well. On the target of cybercriminals, the common people who live a normal life become victims of this crime.

Series making common people aware

Ananya Saini who is an ethical hacker in the trace team also hacks Suspect’s mobile phone several times to catch the criminals. does. The trace team manages to nab every criminal who has committed the cyber crime.

Common people, on a daily basis, fall under the guise of cybercriminals at some point or the other. Nowadays every person makes full use of smart phone, laptop, internet. Such hackers keep their eyes on online banking, online shopping, some website or the other.

However, this web series makes common people aware and alert about cybercrime, but also gives a message that do not easily adopt discount offers on any online website.

The web series best depicts the increasing digital crime in the society and the issue is relevant.

Cyber Vaar – Har Screen Crime Scene sheds light on the rising threat of cybercrime looming over Mumbai. Join ACP Akash Malik, Cyber Expert Ananya Saini and their team T.R.A.C.E on the quest to wipe out cybercrime from the city one case at a time. Watch 2 new episodes EVERY FRIDAY on Voot!

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