Why is the birds getting smaller in size?

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In Chicago, North America, the details of birds that died after colliding with the walls may enter the buildings, Scientist  started keeping the details of the birds since 1978, especially during the spring season, migratory birds go from one place to another and in this sequence many such incidents happen. In the study of so many years, researchers and scientists have found that the size of birds is getting smaller.

Pollution By Global Warming

On December 4, 2019, a report about this was published in the journal Ecology Letters, this report was told after the study of 70716 birds that died between 1978 and 2016. That is, the size of their wings is increasing, due to these results, the scientists wish that this change is happening inside the birds due to the hot weather and radioactive pollution caused by the use of too many mobile phones, if some people believe, then these creatures are small in hot. and grow in cold weather.

In research, 52 species of animals have been studied, this includes more chirping birds, sparrows, barbals and other birds. In the last four decades, the body size of all 52 species of birds has become smaller and the average body weight has decreased by 2.6 percent. Whereas the length of the bone of his leg has decreased by 2.4 percent. And their wingspan has increased by 1.5 percent.

One researcher at Chicago’s Field Museum estimated every one of the 70,000 birds more than 40 years. The gallery gathers the birds that have struck structures and passed on; almost a billion birds bite the dust every year when they fly into windows they can’t actually see, and glass-sided structures like Chicago’s Hancock Center and Willis (Sears) Tower are probably the greatest classification for bird obliteration.

Yet, the silver glass lining is the Field Museum’s resolved workers have transformed terrible news for birds into uplifting news for bird research. Estimating birds, particularly in wild populaces, is overwhelming and accordingly done rarely. Researchers don’t have firm speculations or clarifications for changes in birds over the long haul.

Pollution By Mobile Towers

In today’s time, thousands of birds die every day due to the ever-increasing radioactive towers and cellphone towers, but no one cares about this, neither people are paying attention to this nor the government does not sympathize with anyone. Due to this reason, birds are dying in the number of thousands every day and the most worrying thing is that some species of birds have been completely eradicated, but what people want good mobile connectivity and high speed internet from it, even if its If poor helpless birds die, they die.

But people remember this mistake, this is the cycle of life, if the wheel slips out of it, then people this world will show its fierce form. Some examples of which we have seen in the last 2-3 years. That is why today it is necessary to save these creatures of this life cycle, so everyone should demand from the government that mobile towers should be used for work and on work frequency so that these voiceless can be saved.

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